Posted on January 25, 2010

On Saturday the ‘Welcome To Stokes Croft’ exhibition had it’s opening night at the Emporium on Stokes Croft. The exhibition has been organised by Rory Mizen and will be open until Saturday 30th Jan. Rory asked me to exhibit some of my work and so I printed five photos from this set.

IMG 2183 Emporium

IMG 2184 Emporium

IMG 2188 Emporium

The exhibition turned into a party going on until the early hours of Sunday morning.

IMG 2235 Emporium

IMG 2217 Emporium

I also took photos of the party goers….. If I took your photo get at me letting me know what number you are and I’ll send you a free digital copy.


1IMG 2225 Emporium

2IMG 2221 Emporium

3IMG 2208 Emporium

4IMG 2223 Emporium

5IMG 2207 Emporium

6IMG 2205 Emporium

7IMG 2204 Emporium

8IMG 2202 Emporium

9IMG 2200 Emporium

10IMG 2196 Emporium

11IMG 2195 Emporium

12IMG 2194 Emporium

13IMG 2192 Emporium

13IMG 2191 Emporium

14IMG 2189 Emporium

15IMG 2240 Emporium

{Portrait} Kerry-Ann

Posted on January 19, 2010

Kerry-Ann is an aspiring actress and superb dancer! Thanks for the shoot Kerry-Ann i had fun.

IMG 1742 {Portrait} Kerry Ann

IMG 1807 {Portrait} Kerry Ann

{Music} Spilt Pupil

Posted on January 14, 2010

Big things are going to happen for Spilt Pupil in 2010 check out his website here and his myspace here. You can see some of the images below from our last shoot.

Split Pupil 3 {Music} Spilt Pupil

Split Pupil 4 {Music} Spilt Pupil

Split Pupil 2 {Music} Spilt Pupil

Split Pupil 1 {Music} Spilt Pupil

Happy New Year

Posted on January 1, 2010

Happy  New Year!

I spent my New Year offering free portraits to party goers on Stokes Croft…. If your one of the people I photographed then please leave a comment letting me know what time you passed by and I’ll email you a free copy of your portrait.

peace for 2010


IMG 1666 Happy New Year


IMG 1669 Happy New Year


IMG 1670 Happy New Year


IMG 1671 Happy New Year


IMG 1672 Happy New Year


IMG 1673 Happy New Year


IMG 1674 Happy New Year

23:50 – 00:02

sc double Happy New Year


IMG 1676 Happy New Year


IMG 1679 Happy New Year


IMG 1680 Happy New Year


IMG 1683 Happy New Year


IMG 1684 Happy New Year


IMG 1686 Happy New Year


IMG 1687 Happy New Year


IMG 1689 Happy New Year

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