{Music} Souls Liberation

Posted on April 1, 2010

I was asked by my friend Ripton (Souls Liberation) to take some photos of him DJing at Dutty Bass. Diss Miss was also Djing for her Dutty Girl crew. Heres a few of the photos from the night. You can find more of the Dutty Girls on their Blog, Myspace and Facebook

IMG 9508 {Music} Souls Liberation

IMG 9492 {Music} Souls Liberation
IMG 9648 {Music} Souls Liberation

IMG 9560 {Music} Souls Liberation
IMG 9498 {Music} Souls Liberation
IMG 9569 {Music} Souls Liberation
IMG 9653 {Music} Souls Liberation
IMG 9605 {Music} Souls Liberation

IMG 9582 {Music} Souls Liberation

IMG 9626 {Music} Souls Liberation

IMG 9651 {Music} Souls Liberation

{Music} Kizello

Posted on March 18, 2010

Lucy and Naomi are two of the nicest people you could wish to meet! They are the lead singers in their band, Kizello, who will be playing at the Folk House in Bristol on the 26th March. Check out theirĀ site. I love you two!

IMG 2499 {Music} Kizello

MG 6842 {Music} Kizello

Kizello Goldbrick {Music} Kizello

Kizello Queens Sq {Music} Kizello

IMG 2594 {Music} Kizello

IMG 2589 {Music} Kizello

Kizello Warehouse  {Music} Kizello

{Music} Spilt Pupil

Posted on January 14, 2010

Big things are going to happen for Spilt Pupil in 2010 check out his website here and his myspace here. You can see some of the images below from our last shoot.

Split Pupil 3 {Music} Spilt Pupil

Split Pupil 4 {Music} Spilt Pupil

Split Pupil 2 {Music} Spilt Pupil

Split Pupil 1 {Music} Spilt Pupil

{Music} – Drixx – Floating Harbour

Posted on November 1, 2009

Last year I met a remarkable young man while I was documenting a pilot series called ‘The Rilla‘.

Drixx Studio Shoot {Music}   Drixx   Floating Harbour

In October 2008 we hooked up for a studio shoot.

….So musician, writer and actor, Drixx needed to update his portfolio. We walked around Bristol’sĀ Floating Harbour finding interesting backdrops. Here are a few of the images we grabbed.

Drixx Floating Harbour Crane {Music}   Drixx   Floating Harbour

Drixx Floating Harbour Hook {Music}   Drixx   Floating Harbour

Drixx Floating Harbour Train + Grafitti {Music}   Drixx   Floating Harbour

Drixx Milennium Square Tile BG {Music}   Drixx   Floating Harbour

You can follow Drixx through twitter here

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